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Season 6 > Episode 2 > A Ruin With A View

Title: A Ruin With A View
Position: Season 6 Episode 2
Air Date: 2003-03-15
Views: 788 times
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Ash is ready to head to Oldale Town to sign up for the Hoenn League. May has offered to show Ash the way in exchange for his company to Oldale Town - which is only fair, seeing as Pikachu destroyed May’s bike when it was sick! In Oldale Town, May visits her first Pokemon Center and is amazed with all of its services, and by the ancient ruins next door. Things quickly turn sour when Team Magma, a mysterious band of criminals, shut down the electricity at the Pokemon Center and kidnap Professor Alden in order to invade the ruins. With no electricity, all of the Pokemon are in danger - including May’s Torchic. It’s up to Ash and May to save the day - and in doing so they uncover mysterious ancient Pokemon. Pokemon episodes can be watched online at
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